Countdown to Launch

Here are the graphics and tag lines we used on Facebook & Twitter to promote QuickFlicks during the 5 days leading up to it’s launch in the Apple App Store on January 22nd.

Fancy a challenge? QuickFlicks is a simple game about flicking dots, though let’s just say it’s not as easy as it sounds!
Quick Flicks 5 days to launch

Test your speed of thought and hand-eye coordination to the limit with QuickFlicks.
Quick Flicks 4 days to launch

It’s been called addictive, frustrating, impossible. QuickFlicks launches in the App Store this Thursday.
Quick Flicks 3 days to launch

Be quick with your flicks as the clock ticks. QuickFlicks launches on Thursday.
Quick Flicks 2 days to launch

Flick every dot against the matching colored barrier before time runs out. Easy, right? QuickFlicks will be available in the App Store tomorrow.
Quick Flicks 1 day to launch

It’s here! You can download QuickFlicks from the App Store
Quick Flicks has launched