Thanks for your Support

We want to say A HUGE THANKS to everyone for their support since the launch of QuickFlicks, be it downloading the game, sharing links, sharing scores, rating the game, reviewing the game, tweeting about it, texting friends, sending us Emails, or calling us. If you played the game and are feeling frustrated, we feel a little bit guilty about that, but please restrain yourself! Do not shout at or in any way abuse your iPhone, iPad or iPod, they are merely innocent little computers.

Keep calm and flick dots graphic


We re-submitted QuickFlicks to Apple on January 9th and it was accepted 3 days later! Official launch date set as next Thursday – January 22nd.

Space shuttle taking off from launch pad


Just 4 hours into the review process, Apple rejected the app. They didn’t like the idea of the bonus level being available only to players who rate the app in the App Store. Despite the fact a player could rate it 1 star (the lowest) and still get access to the bonus level, Apple view it the same as paying people to write reviews (when clearly only wonderful, probably inaccurate things get written). Apple rule, so we need to make a few changes. It’s going to take until next year to fix this… Luckily that’s tomorrow. We’ll re-submit next week.

In Review

Confirmation from Apple today that QuickFlicks is now being reviewed. That could mean just hours before it’s passed for inclusion in the App Store, or it could mean several days to a week (or longer). It could also go pear shaped and be rejected! Time will tell.

In review confirmation from Apple