A Few Words About Us

Cropped version of photo by Nicolas Buffard via StockPholio.com

Here at Two Blue Socks, we’re setting off on a journey to come up with innovative ways to use mobile device technologies to expand the user experience, with a focus on gaming and educational apps.

A great deal of our time is spent thinking, brainstorming. Thinking about everything, from how people interact with their devices, to how they think. Then comes a little research, okay a lot of research, followed by some moulding and a twist or three. This process sometimes, but far from always, produces a design idea worth pursuing.

We’re based in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, a stone’s throw* away from two technological hubs – Montreal and Ottawa (*if you’re Superman after three espresso’s). So we get to enjoy big city buzz while living close to the good Canadian country life with dairy farms and sugar shacks (where they make Maple syrup. ‘Nuff said!).

dairy farm and surrounding fields in autumn

Photo By Patricia Simpson © 2012