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Thanks for your Support

We want to say A HUGE THANKS to everyone for their support since the launch of QuickFlicks, be it downloading the game, sharing links, sharing scores, rating the game, reviewing the game, tweeting about it, texting friends, sending us Emails, or calling us. If you played the game and are feeling frustrated, we feel a little bit guilty about that, but please restrain yourself! Do not shout at or in any way abuse your iPhone, iPad or iPod, they are merely innocent little computers.

Keep calm and flick dots graphic

Launch Day

On launch day we were lucky enough to land some cool and very extensive coverage for QuickFlicks throughout the Boom Breakfast show on local radio. In between almost every music segment from just before 8am to 9am, Dan, Bill and their boss talked about the game, about me, and voiced their frustrations at trying to get past the first level. At one point I was declared Dan’s new sworn enemy! A huge thanks to Dan Allaire, Bill and all the folks at Boom 101.9

Advert for Quick Flicks from the website of Boom 101.9

QuickFlicks entry on Boom 101.9’s blog

Picture of Dan and Bill of the Boom Breakfast Show on Boom 101.9

Countdown to Launch

Here are the graphics and tag lines we used on Facebook & Twitter to promote QuickFlicks during the 5 days leading up to it’s launch in the Apple App Store on January 22nd.

Fancy a challenge? QuickFlicks is a simple game about flicking dots, though let’s just say it’s not as easy as it sounds!
Quick Flicks 5 days to launch

Test your speed of thought and hand-eye coordination to the limit with QuickFlicks.
Quick Flicks 4 days to launch

It’s been called addictive, frustrating, impossible. QuickFlicks launches in the App Store this Thursday.
Quick Flicks 3 days to launch

Be quick with your flicks as the clock ticks. QuickFlicks launches on Thursday.
Quick Flicks 2 days to launch

Flick every dot against the matching colored barrier before time runs out. Easy, right? QuickFlicks will be available in the App Store tomorrow.
Quick Flicks 1 day to launch

It’s here! You can download QuickFlicks from the App Store
Quick Flicks has launched


We re-submitted QuickFlicks to Apple on January 9th and it was accepted 3 days later! Official launch date set as next Thursday – January 22nd.

Space shuttle taking off from launch pad